neuromore SDK is for those who seek to empower their customers. It is the premier tool for building apps which combine wearables, machine intelligence, and audio-visual feedback to create jaw-dropping, transformative experiences.

As more and more wearables and virtual reality devices hit the marketplace, it will be essential for apps to evolve with industry trends. neuromore is already compatible with major biofeedback and neurofeedback devices and will be immediately adaptable to virtual reality, augmented reality, the internet of things, and other breakthrough technologies. (It is already compatible with the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.)

This next generation of apps will help people become more self-aware and effective. neuromore uses real-time biodata and cutting-edge neuroscience  to help users learn to recognize and change their state of mind. For most people, this is a crucial yet underdeveloped skill. 

neuromore SDK

  • Fully customizable signal processing pipeline
  • Graph-based model for an intuitive data flow paradigm
  • Easy-to-use high-level algorithms for data analysis
  • Provides powerful DSP algorithms
  • Sample level synchronization for input devices
  • Drift correction for input devices with unstable clock
  • Resampling support for multirate signal processing
  • Multi-channels
  • Epoching features
  • Optimized for real-time applications
  • Delay and Latency calculations
  • Timing and sample rate conversion tools
  • Small memory footprint
  • Supports unsynchronized input devices
  • Extensible device and node system
  • Will be continuously developed and extended
  • Cross-platform enabled (Windows/OSX/Linux/iOS/Android/Embedded)
  • Usable for real-time, post processing and concurrent analysis applications

neuromore Cloud

  • Highly secured and scalable storage solution for biodata
  • Customer relationship management
  • Powerful activity monitoring tools
  • Convenient and full featured front-end


The stresses of modern life are pushing people everywhere to look for better focus, deeper relaxation, and more creativity and connection in life. Everyone wants to perform their best when it matters most. The market is wide-open for groundbreaking new apps for everyone from executives and artists to parents and students. neuromore SDK is the bridge between your customers and transformative results. 

Get in touch today to see how you can build the future of consumer technology and create lasting improvements in your customers’ lives.