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understand people, in real-time.

neuromore Engine

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change lives.

neuromore Engine

We can profoundly change how your business interacts with the world. Imagine offering something that is more perceptive, more adaptable, and individually optimized for your customers. To stay on top, it is becoming increasingly important to specifically understand these end-users, but this can be a difficult subject to quantify.

smarter decisions, in real-time.

neuromore Engine allows technology to better understand and adapt to people. We create the optimal user experience in real-time. By harnessing state-of-the-art streaming technology, we enable products to adapt and morph themselves into exactly what the user needs in the moment. We are working with world-leading researchers and universities to be at the forefront of neuroscience and behavior research, and can make that research work for you. neuromore Engine will transfer the knowledge from labs and universities into your product.

technological foundation.

Use our expertise and technology as powerful foundation. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when there is a highly dynamic and scalable platform that fits your needs.

product development.

You have a specific biosensor in mind, are thinking about a new algorithm or want to drive your own output device? We offer services ranging from product customization to creating entirely new products.


Work with leading psychologists, neuro- and computer scientists from neuromore. Improve, iterate and scale together.

Admittedly, smart technologies are fairly short-sighted if they treat everyone the same and require the user to adapt. For something that was supposed to make life easier, the smart product learning curve increasingly creates frustration. With all the internet connected devices today, there is an abundance of data captured – but data on its own is irrelevant. To close the gap and add meaning to the data, we created an Engine that finally enables smart products to truly be smart.



We equip researchers with the ultimate toolset for conducting biofeedback experiments: pre-integrated sensors, real-time feedback, drag-and-drop interface, beautiful visualizations and cloud-based collaboration functionality.



Our technology can be used to heal people in profound ways. Neurofeedback is a highly effective tool to help people reprogram their minds, manage trauma, overcome neurodegenerative disorders and more.



Achieve a state of peak performance with unmatched tools for gathering and interpreting quantified-self data.


interactive art

Great art connects with people at a deep level. Our technology allows you to create and experience art that changes and adapts with your mind and body.


consciusness engineering

Discover new ways to improve the way you feel, think, and live. Find new levels of self-exploration. Backwards-engineer non-dual states.



A whole new world opens to app and neuro-gaming developers through our real-time technology.


high-performance athletics

Leverage instant biofeedback to achieve higher focus, enter flow-states, and master your game.



Decode the science of success, gain key neuromarketing insights, incubate positive team dynamics, and dramatically improve productivity.

…and much more

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