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What is neuromore?

neuromore’s software is device and platform agnostic. It works as a unified operating system across a world-class ecosystem of biosensors, hardware, software, service and healthcare providers to integrate user experiences in ways never before possible.


Automated Workflows

Neuroscientists, Physicians, psychologists, clinicians, academics and artist now have the ability at their fingertips to create the most advanced interface to apply real-time biodata, powerful algorithms, and AI machine intelligence for brain, heart and nerve system coherence used to achieve optimal flow cycles..

  • Plug-n-play components and library
  • API compatible (web, apps and wearables)
  • SaaS cloud solution (white-labelled)
  • HIPPA and GDPR compliant

Case Study: Finders Course

neuromore is the official technology partner to the Finders Course. Over 1,000+ participants in the study shared their real-time bio-metric data on the neuromore platform, to reveal key actionable insights used to measure and improve the efficacy of interventions on shifting mood states.

  • Largest academic experiment to decode consciousness
  • Scientifically validated mood states from fear to fulfillment
  • 73% success rate in ongoing ‘awakened state’
  • Finders course is now rebranded “45-days of Awakening”

How it Works



neuromore offers a 8-week hyper-sprint starter engagement to set goals, aligns teams and deliver a fully functional prototype and demonstration of what is possible today, as seeing is believing.

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neuromore’s SaaS cloud system and platform enables hyper-interactive experiences that can continuously improve in real-time based on it’s ability to understand, predict and transform human patterns. Plug-n-play today with a library of turnkey components that are HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

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neuromore’s neurohacking proven best practices and methodologies are expertly applied to benefit your speed-to-value. Remove the guess work and accelerate timely results as we serve as an extension of your team for shared success.

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Open Source

neuromore is open source and free for non commercial use. We believe in democratizing access to super intelligence technology. Please plug-n-play with our free neurohacking toolkit — we make it easy to create amazing apps, which use real-time biodata, powerful algorithms, and machine intelligence to create interactive, mesmerizing audio-visual experiences.

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Why Us

Applied Neuroscience is rapidly evolving with 50+ years of peer-reviewed studies now being integrated through powerful software solutions and a connected ecosystem to address ADHD, PTSD, addiction and more.


Peer-reviewed studies


neuromore system integrators


Counties worldwide

neuromore was Founded in 2014

Operating System for Applied Neuroscience

Best-In-Class Experiences

HIPPA & GDPR Compliant


Case Study: homodea

neuromore’s OS and technology platform now power homodea’s best-in-class, full stack education and entertainment cloud system (web application and iOS and android).

  • Live Stream TV
  • Online Classes & Events
  • Digital Campus & Community
  • Individualized Messaging
  • Gamification & Awards
  • Advanced User Intelligence
  • Subscriptions & Payments

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About Us

Our mission is to be in service to each next evolutionary step of humankind. We believe in a human-first approach to symbiosis with AI machine learning to orchestrate super human experiences. Join us as we hyper-evolve humanity.