neuromore Studio makes it easy to create amazing apps which use real-time biodata, powerful algorithms, and machine intelligence to create interactive, mesmerizing audio-visual experiences.

We created an easy to use visual programming studio with:

  • Fastest cloud independent EEG and bio-sensor classifiers available.

  • All processing done primarily on device (iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows supported)

  • Power of C++ with ease-of-use of Visual Programming Interface

  • Open source ecosystem (Share and collaborate)

  • Complex Workflow Creation ideal for Therapists and Doctors doing research

  • Classifiers as a Service (Professional Services) Active, Passive, Realtime, Offline, Online, CNN, AI, Hamming Window BCI Classifiers

The stresses of modern life are pushing people everywhere to look for better focus, deeper relaxation, and more creativity and connection in life. Everyone wants to perform their best when it matters most. Wearables and virtual reality devices are enabling entirely new categories of apps. 

neuromore Studio is the best tool to harness the power of these new technologies and create jaw-dropping experiences. The market is wide-open for groundbreaking new applications for everyone from executives and artists to parents and students.

pre-integrated biosensors

at speed of thought

  • Work with multiple biosensors
  • Advanced real-time signal processing
  • Powerful feature extraction and classification tools
  • Dynamic drag-an-drop-interface

data made beautiful

  • Live biodata viewer
  • Scientific data visualizations
  • Feedback visualizations

build collective brainpower

  • Cloud-based collaborative research and mangement

neuromore Studio Features

  • Plug and play integration for biosensors

  • Supports many consumer and medical devices

  • Support for all electrode placement systems
  • Works with high sample rate devices
  • Interactive classification graph designing tools
  • Easily process hundreds of channels at once
  • Edit classifiers at runtime
  • Fully customizable user interfaces
  • Intuitive tools and workflows
  • Highly optimized user interface
  • Data visualization and real-time signal analysis
  • Signals over time
  • Power spectrum (bars, lines)
  • Power spectrum over time (3D surface, waterfall)
  • 2D and 3D brain surface
  • Brain volume
  • Multiple state of the art 3D feedback visualizations
  • Signal Debug View
  • Secure, cloud-based data management
  • Share classifiers with other users in your group

With our advanced toolset, it’s easy to track real-time data from multiple sensors — like EEG, heart rate, and galvanic skin response — making it possible to discern how and why certain experiences change the body and mind. We link physiology and psychology, creating powerful opportunities for transformation.